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Partner Visa - Offshore 309/100

How Long Can I Stay In Australia

After the grant of subclass 309 visa, you may stay in Australia with your partner until there is a decision on your permanent visa (Subclass 100).

Is Subclass 309 A Permanent Visa?

The provisional 309 visa is a temporary visa while the subclass 100 visa is a permanent visa and grants you Permanent Residency (PR). The temporary provisional 309 visa is granted first, which allows the applicant to stay in Australia with their partner apply for the migrant 100 visa when eligible.

How Long Does Subclass 309 Visa Take?

The current average processing time for the subclass 309 visa is between 14 and 19 months based on published guidelines from the Department of Home Affairs LINK

We are however seeing much shorter decision times for 309 visa applications that are 'Decision Ready'.

Is Visa 309 Still Processing?

The Department of Home Affairs are accepting partner visa applications at present and we have received positive outcomes for our clients during the covid pandemic.

Can a 309 Visa Holder Get Medicare?

Yes, you are eligible for Medicare as you have made an application for permanent residency visa. Contact Medicare directly to make your application LINK

How do I Change My Visa 309 Uo 100?

You will be eligible to make an application for the Permanent Residency (PR) subclass 100 visa, 24 months after your initial 309/100 application.

This may sound a little confusing but wait 24 months after you made the initial payment to the Department of Home Affairs for your partner visa.

Can 309 visa holders enter Australia?

Under the current rules if hold one of the following visas, you may travel to Australia. You will not be required to request an exemption due to covid: Partner (subclasses 100, 309, 801, 820) visa.

Is 309 Visa Open To LGBT or Same Sex Couples?

There is no discrimination in the Australian visa program. ALL visa are available to LGBT, gay or same sex couples. Also remember the Department of Home Affairs are sensitive to deal with, all your interactions are dealt with in total confidence.

What is the difference between 309 and 820 visa?

The subclass 309 & 820 are suitable for married or de facto visa applicants.

  • If you are outside Australia you may be eligible for the 309/100

  • If you are onshore in Australia you may be eligible for the 820/801

Your location at time of application will determine which visa is best for you.

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