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LGBT Visa Australia - Same Sex Relationship

Sometimes issues arise concerning LGBT visas and immigration to Australia, this is when you need the services of a professional. If you wish to be reunited with your loved ones, I can help you achieve your goals. Finding an LGBT immigration professional you can trust is of the utmost importance, especially since your future is on the line.

As an LGBT member I am aware of the possible pitfalls that you may encounter throughout the visa process. I will happily explain your immigration options in regard to your same-sex marriage or defacto relationship visa. Speaking with a qualified Registered Migration Agent (RMA) is critical to the success of your case. For honest answers to your LGBT immigration questions, contact our Sydney office. Discuss your immigration plans and goals in confidence, we offer up to date advice and a compassionate, friendly ear.


Answer To Your Same-Sex Immigration Questions

No matter how complex your questions may be in regard to visa eligibility I can help you - we have the solution!

Q) How Can I Find Out Whether My Partner Qualifies For Same-Sex Immigration Visa For Australia?

A) We have many LGBT clients spread across the globe. Many of our same sex partners have had very positive experiences with Department of Home Affairs during the visa application process. during their interviews.

Obtain advice form an immigration professional this helps avoid pitfalls that you are likely to encounter. Sometimes an application may become difficult simply because a person inadvertently filled out their forms incorrectly or because they did not realise a birth certificate was required. Other times one partner may not remember details of the relationship timeline, this can often lead to inconsistencies in the visa application.

As always the team at LGBT Visa will prepare and ensure information provided is consistent in your visa application. Upfront we assess your eligibility and guide you throughout the process. Speaking with a professional is a worthy investment for a benefit that will change your life. We unite LGBT couples, let us help you too.

Q) LGBT Couples - De We Have To Get Married For A Visa In Australia?

A) Simple answer is NO, LGBT couples do not have to marry to be reunited in Australia.

The visa type that you are eligible for may impose marriage as a condition for visa grant. However If you are in a defacto relationship marriage is not a requirement.

Q) Marriage & Relationship Registration - what is the difference?

A) In immigration terms relationship registration or marriage carry the same weight when it comes to evidencing your relationship. Both will signify a major commitment in the relationship. Make sure you marry or register your relationship at the right time, getting this wrong may limit your options down the road.

Also note there may be inheritance issues to be considered. If you are married or your same sex relationship is registered make sure to provide the relevant legal certificate

Q) My Partner Lives In A Country Where Same-Sex Marriages Are Not Recognised?

A) It is not necessary to marry before you travel to Australia. In fact if you are granted a Prospective Marriage Visa you must not marry until you arrive in Australia to activate the visa.

Q) My Partner Is Transgender - Will That Negatively Impact His Or Her Eligibility for a Visa?

A) Absolutely not! We have many transgender clients who have successfully obtained a spousal visa.

One important aspect not to overlook is that the Department of Home Affairs will require up to date legal identity documents. This may include your passport and name change certificate or deed poll.

LGBT Registered Migration Agent - RMA
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Reach Out To Me Today For Answers

If you need further explanations or have more questions, do not hesitate to consult with me today; I am your knowledgeable and registered LGBT immigration professional!.

Call my Sydney office at +61 455 295 988 to have your questions addressed or to make an appointment.

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We offer Zoom online consultations if you reside outside Sydney or if you require a covid safe alternative.

We Unite LGBT Couples, Let Us Help You Too.

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