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Offshore Partner Visa - LGBT Couples

LGBT Provisional Partner Visa (Offshore) – Subclass 309

Provisional Partner Visa Subclass 309 is appropriate for those applicants who are not living in Australia at the time of applying for a visa. This visa category is conditional and granted for the time period until applicant applies for permanent visa. LGBT De facto partners as well as same sex married couples are eligible to apply through subclass 309 if their partners (sponsors) are:

  • Permanent Residents Of Australia

  • Citizens Of Australian

  • New Zealand Nationals Residing In Australia

Requirements For An Offshore Partner Visa:

  • Applicant may be legally married with the Australian resident or Citizenship OR

  • Applicant & sponsor intend to marry with the Australian citizen OR

  • In a genuine de facto relationship with Australian partner for minimum 12 months OR

  • The couple are in a defacto relationship and have registered the relationship in Australia.

  • Provide valid documents to show genuine nature of your relationship

  • You may be eligible to apply even if you have long distance relationship and are living outside Australia

  • Applicant and partner’s should be over 18 years of age at the time of applying 309 subclass visa

  • The applicant must be outside Australia while applying for 309 Provisional Partner visa

Benefits of Provisional Partner 309 Visa

When visa is granted to the applicant, the benefits include:

  • Unlimited Work rights in Australia

  • Study: Take admission in course to improve your skills & qualifications

  • Sign up Australia Medicare scheme

  • Remain in Australia until Permanent Residency (PR) is decided

  • Pathway to Australian Citizenship

  • Travel abroad as often as you wish

Offshore Partner Visa - LGBT Couples

Visa Process - Stress Free

Partner Visa for Australia is based on two main stages. The applicant firstly should lodge the provisional offshore visa. When the visa is decided the applicant may travel to Australia. Remember the initial application and Government charges also covers the subsequent permanent visa application.

The LGBT couple should provide evidence and written statements to evidence their genuine relationship. The Department of Home Affairs will assess your relationship based on the following criteria:

  • Financial aspects of the relationship

  • Nature of the couples household

  • Social aspects of the relationship

  • Nature of the couples commitment to each other

When the Subclass 309 visa is submitted, the applicant will need to wait for a case officer to be allocated to consider the application. During this stage we monitor all correspondence from the Delegate and advise you accordingly.

Processing time varies but we are seeing very quick decision times for applications that are submitted with ALL the required supporting documents; we call this a 'Decision Ready' application.

Once the Subclass 309 visa is granted, the visa holder is entitled to travel to and remain in Australia with multiple entry facilities until a permanent visa is decided. The couple are now entitled to reside together happily and make preparations for the 2nd stage Permanent Residency (PR) application. We guide you through all stages of the application process.

Our Services

During all stages we managed every aspect of the visa application. We help you gather your documents, we provide you with a custom checklist and importantly we review all your documents. At times we may suggest some tweaks along the way to ensure everything you include meets the visa regulations.

We are always on hand to ensure this is a stress free experience for you and your partner.

Reach Out To Me Today For Answers

If you need further explanations or have more questions, do not hesitate to consult with me today; I am your knowledgeable and registered LGBT immigration professional!

Call my Sydney office at 0455295988 to have your questions addressed or to make an appointment.

You may also book an Appointment Online on our booking Portal HERE

We offer Zoom online consultations if you reside outside Sydney or if you require a covid safe alternative.

We Unite LGBT Couples, Let Us Help You Too.

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